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Hello Sunshine Enrollment Promotion

By retro co. on Dec 1, 2017 12:01:00 AM


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December is the best month to begin your new retro co. business! Enroll for *free* and give away samples for *free*!

In December, new and existing retroBox Fans can join for free and share free samples with friends and family to grow their new business!

Here's how it works:

  1. New and existing retroBox Fans order any 2+ retroBox between Dec. - 18 and you are automatically enrolled as a retro co. CIO for free!
  2. Give away 5+ samples via our easy peasy text program between Dec. 1 - 31.
  3. All retroBox Fans who have given away 5+ samples via our texting program between Dec. 1 - 31, can remain retro co. CIOs! All others will resume Fan status.
  4. All CIOs participating in the Hello Sunshine promotion, who gave away 5+ samples between Dec. 1-31, will receive a payment of $3 per sample, as a refund of the sampling cost on Jan. 15th, 2018.
  5. Limit on the number of samples that can be refunded? The refund limit is 20 samples.
  6. Begin the new year with a brand new, innovative, cruelty-free, made safe, skincare business! Welcome to retro co. !




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