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One company brings it all together for the first time: retro co.

Owners and Founders - Chaz Hatfield & Yvonne von Berg

We’re proudly the first to bring together three unstoppable trends and offer their transformative benefits to the masses: proven skincare technology suitable for use in the home, the connecting, collaborative benefits of social sharing, the life-changing, liberating power of entrepreneurship.

The innovators behind retro co. are founders Chaz Hatfield and Yvonne von Berg. Since earning their MBAs at the prestigious IE Business School in Madrid, they’ve seen the convergence of these trends occur during their deep dive into the skincare and haircare industry.  While their businesses have empowered millions of consumers to live beautifully, and have created hundreds of millions of dollars in sales, they’ve seen the industry experience some huge shifts.

Skincare technology has evolved with massive momentum, but making that technology mainstream and affordable for the consumer has not. In working with providers of skincare tech over the past several years, Chaz and Yvonne saw that any personal-use devices offered in the market were sold at premium prices that were hard to justify.  The only alternatives were high-end professional treatments, which included office visit costs and one-time treatment fees. “We saw a huge gap in what was being offered,” say Chaz. The result was a niche, distant, and foreign market, out of reach for most consumers. 

People also choose their skincare differently now. “It was obvious the retail experience was going through a massive change. We see the results of that change today- what’s on the store shelves doesn’t matter as much to consumers as what their friends are talking about. The experts people trust most are their friends,” says Chaz. “The scientist in the lab coat just isn’t doing it for us these days. Our friends’ experiences, good, bad, or ugly, are what most often drives our choices.” 

And people don’t shop like they did even just 10 years ago. “Because social sharing is changing the way people learn about and purchase new products, we knew we had to investigate different options to bring our brand to market. The social commerce model used in direct selling quickly became the route we knew we needed to pursue,” Yvonne says.


CEO - Chet SeelyFounder and CEO Chet Seely complements Chaz and Yvonne’s savvy with deep experience in technology and innovation. “Chet's experience leading social selling companies is impressive,” says Chaz. “But his track record of launching and developing skincare, lifestyle and wellness brands and driving their expansion using social and subscription commerce is unprecedented.”  Over the last 20 years, Chet has created numerous highly successful social commerce companies with growth in excess of $1 billion in sales, and is excited to make the biggest impact yet with retro co.

Chet champions the company's entrepreneurial spirit, and the goal of creating a lasting legacy with more six- and seven-figure income earners than any other company in the history of direct selling.  “We truly believe there’s never been a better time for people to be in charge of their own business outcomes.  But we also believe we’ve carefully considered the consumer of today, their needs and desires for interacting with a brand and company, and as a result, have crafted the ideal offering.  That’s what translates into incredible, unlimited earning potential for our field partners.”

With entrepreneurial parents and their own go-for-it, do-it-yourself mentality, Chaz, Yvonne and Chet have dedicated a significant part of their entrepreneurial efforts towards giving others a low-investment, low-risk avenue to starting something special and transforming their life, and the lives of others they touch. retro co. provides the perfect platform for this work to continue. As our retro Fans share with friends and family, they enjoy substantial savings on products they love.  And as our CIOs share what we offer, helping us take retro co. to the world, they can enjoy significant income rewards for their work.

Together this team is changing the face of the skincare industry. Providing proven and affordable at-home tech devices, paired with pure and potent topicals, and expert advice for truly complete skincare solutions.  Solutions shared friend-to-friend, accessible to everyone, anytime. “Everything is coming together to work in our favor. Nearly everyone has a smartphone, a tool that allows for instant, meaningful communications. People are comfortable with cutting-edge technology and using it in the home. And social networks have made it second nature to ask for and share product recommendations,” says Yvonne.

“retro co. won’t succeed because of us,” Chaz says. “It will be because the right people who are passionate about what we are doing will add spirit, force, and vitality to what we envisioned. For us, the devices and the products are of paramount importance. We believe people will come for the products and stay because of the difference that retro co. can make in their lives.”


 We’re chasing big dreams. Help us chase them.