Speak Up



Our Purpose at retro co unifies us in a common cause

Why do so many imaginative, lively and carefree children reach their teen years only to fade into the background and settle for less than their full potential? Why do women often feel inadequate, overwhelmed and secondary? At retro co., we are focused on giving back women and youth their voice, because we know first-hand what it’s like to not have one.


Yvonne von Berg

I grew up in a small town outside Munich, Germany. At the age of 13, I moved to very urban San Francisco. This was a life-changing, difficult experience for me, as I had to learn not only a new language, but also a new culture and way of life. It would have been easy for me to turn inward and, in effect, lose my voice. But instead, I reached deep inside myself and rediscovered who I was and who I could be. I had help from my parents, educators, and friends, who gave me the support I needed to thrive again.

My experience is not unique. Growing up in a small town in Ohio, my partner and husband, Chaz, noticed how peers seemed to lose their voice as teenagers. Years later, we talk about seeing countless young people with tremendous academic, athletic and social potential who faltered. But there is a thread of continuity in the exceptions: those who hold a confident acceptance of their unique voice, and a discovery of how they play into their greater world seem to overcome obstacles to reach their potential, and have a greater satisfaction with life.

Our experiences, and similar experiences of others, help explain what’s at the core of our efforts with retro co. We believe we all need something of significance, something enduring that touches others, to add meaning to our success and fuel the fires of ambition. And we believe it’s our responsibility and privilege to offer others the chance to find this something.

Often the something is right in front of us, we just have to find our voice to share it.  I am passionate about helping people realize that their stories matter and that they’re worth telling, particularly women and children. Overcoming a lack of self-efficacy and feeling that you have power over to affect the events occurring in your world can literally change a person’s life. It changed mine. envisions a world in which people – particularly women, as well as teenage girls and boys -  are invited to find their voice and prepare to use it to be remarkable, live confidently and reach their full potential. I’m privileged to serve as President of, and lead our efforts to partner with causes and organizations that do this good work on the front lines every day. 

We’re excited to incorporate our growing retro co. family into our plans, and share the results of our efforts each year.  Each season, we’ll share how you can partner with us to amplify the good work of and chosen partner organizations. You can always count on there being two ways to get involved and help make a difference:

  1. Every time you act, retro co. will give. You might help us give back through purchasing a featured product, attending an event, or signing up for a retroBox. We’ll define this with each giving campaign, but trust it will be something exciting for you AND exciting for SpeakUp!
  2. Every time you use #SpeakUp, retro co. will give MORE. retro co. will donate up to 100% of all outside sales event profits from each season. Outside sales events must serve our CIOs through PR, Lead Generation, and industry endorsement. Beyond that, any sales profits from outside sales events are entirely eligible for giving campaigns. Details on how your posts move the needle will come with each unique giving campaign.

I can’t wait to share our first campaign with you this fall.  Till then, let’s fire up #SpeakUp, share the selfie love, and watch for ways we can make a difference in our world.

Together we can help others face today—and every day— beautifully.